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Latest tapped beers

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Flavour By Design

When it comes to enjoying beer, we like full on flavour.

That’s why we hand-craft our beers in small batches using carefully selected hops to make a punchy, tasty brew.

We have just opened our new brewery which will give us better consistency across batches. They don’t call it craft for nothing! Our new brewery has a greater capacity too, which means more delicious beers for everyone! Vive la revolution!

Try our beers at any of our eight bars in Galway and Dublin. You’ll never go back to mass market beer again.

Full Sail


The simple malt bill gives an ABV of 5.8% which carries the flavour and allows the hops to shine through .Added are multiple additions in the kettle before it reaches you as fresh as it can be! It is great with spicy foods, such as tacos and salty foods such as fried fish.

Stormy Port

Irish Porter

This Rich and complex beer boasts its roasted coffee notes and hides certain sweetness and chocolate flavours in the background. The Stormy Port is most at home with rich stews, roast meat dishes and can find its place alongside dessert dishes.

Bay Ale

Irish Red Ale

This copper-coloured, malt-forwards offering is the go-to beer for pretty much anything you can think of. Try with salads, roast meats, cold meats, simple cheeses and salmon dishes

Buried at Sea

Milk Chocolate Stout

Taste of chocolate and smooth mouthfeel, due to the additions of dark chocolate and milk sugars (Lactose) respectively. While dark and rich this beer finds balance in its lightness and drinkability. Great for matching with sweeter dishes and intense desserts.

Of Foam and Fury

Double IPA

Beoir beer of the year 2014 winner, Of Foam and Fury!

This double IPA is hazy orange, dense bubbly white head, good lacing. Aroma - big tropical fruits, sweet fruity malts, grapefruit pith, lots of pithy resinous fruits, super aroma.


Our new session ale

Althea is a modern American Pale Ale. Unlike many pale ales, Althea is low on bitterness, yet massively hoppy on the aroma. Althea is a beer that can be enjoyed by the pint or by the glass!

News and Events

Come challenge us!! Live here at Northern Lights Belfast! Beat us at any of our bar games and we'll give you a free Galway Bay Brewery Beer! Drop by say hi to the brewery #wecraftbeer

Posted 1 hour, 57 minutes ago

When you just happen to pop into one of Belfasts most iconic Bars and you just happen to see some of the most iconic Beers, you just have to take a photo! Phenomenal day out in this beautiful city. #wecraftbeer thank to the guys at Noreast Beers and Sunflower Public House & Live Music

Posted 3 hours, 37 minutes ago

It's all happening tonight up here at the amazing Northern Lights Belfast kicking off 8pm #wecraftbeer

Posted 5 hours, 6 minutes ago

Barrel aged beer so strong it can't contain its excitement! #wecraftbeer

Posted 1 day, 9 hours ago

We love our job. Milling in! #wecraftbeer

Posted 2 days, 1 hour ago

We love our jobs, milling in. #wecraftbeer

Posted 2 days, 1 hour ago

We love our job... Milling in, the hypnotic sight never grows old #wecraftbeer

Posted 2 days, 1 hour ago

Galway Bay Brewery is at Blackrock Diving Tower.

Iconic Beers in Iconic Places. It's a wild wet Monday out there for most of you but here is a beautiful picture of our sensational beer on a sunny day, little reminder summer is on its way! #wecraftbeer

Posted 3 days, 4 hours ago

Sundays are for the bold, the people who brave the weather come rain or sun. To get up, get out and enjoy every last second of the glorious weekends. This brave swimmer up at Blackrock Salthill enjoys a bold DIPA as his reward for a Sunday dip in the Atlantic! #wecraftbeer #thebolddrinkcraft #salthill #blackrock

Posted 4 days, 9 hours ago

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